In 1990, while shopping at a pet store, I saw a chinchilla for the very first time. I immediately fell for this cute bundle of beautiful, fluffy fur and knew that I had to learn more about this fascinating creature. So I bought the only available book about chinchillas, and the more I read the more I wanted to take care of a chinchilla myself. Shortly after that "Gizmo", a standard male, found a new home. We had six happy years before a vet, who obviously did not know the slightest thing about chinchillas, killed him with a vitamin injection. I still miss him a lot - he was so special in many ways.

A short time after Gizmo's death Urmeli and Pebble moved in - two male chinchillas who meant both - great fun as well as chaos; -)
When Urmeli suddenly died in May 2001, Pebble was so terribly sad that I decided to find him a good new home - I did not want him to be lonely any longer, even though I knew I would dearly miss him. We were lucky - he found his second "true love" and I am so glad he can be happy once again:-)))

Well, so after 11 years I no longer have chinchillas. I will maintain this homepage in memory of the great time I spent with Gizmo, Urmeli and Pebble, even though I will no longer update it.

I hope you will enjoy your time! Please forgive me my mistakes, English is not my native language;-)


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